Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Really Gross

So, if you are at all squemish or have a weak stomach please read no further...

I did warn you...

My kiddos share a room and a bed. Sharing the bed was not necessarily my idea but they keep sharing the bed. We have full over full bunk beds. Plenty of room for one kid in each bed. There are many benefits to them sharing a bed however, there are some definite drawbacks.

One drawback is when one has an accident and I cannot change the sheets quick enough. Please see my first post in November for more on that subject.

I have just discovered another drawback...even more icky. My little one apparently caught a stomach bug and vomited twice in the bed. The one he shares with his brother.

Little one comes in to our room, dads side of bed, wanting to get in bed with us. Little one says, I'm wet. I somewhat hear this conversation but do not really pay attention as little one is talking to dad. Little did I realize that he is wet with vomit...so gross...

Dad removes pjs and tucks the little one in bed with us. I get a vauge icky vomit smell but again...barely register it.

Guess where my older son was still sleeping? In the bed with vomit...never even crossed my mind to remove my older child from the vomit bed.


This is the national beverage of Brazil. It's called a Caipirinha (pronounced [kaj.pi.'ɾĩ.ɲɐ]). I got that pronunciation guide from Wikipedia. I think it's harder to read than the word itself. Anyway, doesn't it look tasty and refreshing? We hit our beloved neighborhood cantina, Mezcalito's, the other night with our friend Cindy. The girls were turning on the cute for their guest.

Before our meal we munched on chips with their wonderful homemade salsa (I like the green one especially) and had a few drinks. Jeremiah and Cindy enjoyed caipirinhas while I went for a beer. As we chatted and munched and sipped Sarah cozied up on Cindy's lap. Kate danced. She has the heart of a dancer, you know. Distracted by all the fun, no one can really say exactly how long Sarah sucked on the straw of Cindy's beverage before any one of the 3 adults noticed. We didn't notice any immediate effects, but I will remember this event when we start seeing the results of her standardized tests...