Saturday, October 11, 2008

To bed without dinner...(Updated)

Brandon babysat the Weekids during the 2.5 hour long recital we attended for Allison this afternoon. He had strict, easy instructions. Feed them lunch (chicken nuggets from the freezer) and put them down for a nap. Then you are off the hook unless they wake up. I discovered later (through my mommy superpowers of deduction) that he instead let them watch a movie and then decided it was too late to feed them lunch because they were already supposed to be in bed. So he put them down unfed. Unfortunately my superpowers were working a bit slow and I didn't deduct this until about 7:00 tonight when we were fixing dinner.

It suddenly became apparent that the reason Clara was a complete basket case was because she was hungry.

So, I did what seemed logical and Brandon was forbidden to eat any dinner tonight so he could see what it felt like to go to bed hungry. So he promptly stomped downstairs and went to bed. At 7:00PM. So then I was a big old grump at dinner alternating between being angry at Brandon and feeling sorry for him. The Man keeps reminding me that no one ever died from missing a meal and The Weekids and Brandon will all be just fine.

Update: Brandon was up much earlier than usual this morning to eat some breakfast. The WME in me just couldn't resist asking him why he was so hungry. Grin. Object lesson declared a success.

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karen said...

I applaud Brandon missing dinner and I'm glad he woke up hungry! Maybe it'll be the only time he needs to learn that lesson. The real WME question, though, is what was Brandon doing while the WeeKids watched the movie?