Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Will Not Survive His Being Ten

awful smell! dead mouse?
elusive - can't quite nail down
bothering my nose

child walks by. that smell!
what?!? same socks worn for six days?

focus on the good
this explains spares in suitcase
don't wring grimy neck!


LMP said...

Children bring us joy.
But no one ever warned us
about the odor.

Sister K said...

enjoy it now...pretty soon he'll be trying to impress giiiiirls....eeeeew! lol

Ashley said...

tyring to impress girls = smelling much better...trade off

Sister K said...

oh, and at least he's saving you money on a water bill? :)

Nancy said...

This is my son to a "T"! This post cracked me up!!