Sunday, May 24, 2009

The phone message

"Hey, Heather, it's Fred. I just saw Lauren walk herself...well, not by herself, actually...she's with these twin boys* that look about her age, but you know," he laughs nervously,"without an adult. And they were crossing the street. I asked her where she was going and she said that one of them had to go potty so they were heading home," another nervous laugh, "so probably by the time you get this, she'll already by home. Hope everything's to you soon. Bye-bye."

*Karen's not-twin son, ages 8 and 10.

ETA: another friend's son, age 4, was returned earlier in the day by an Orthodox Jewish mom who didn't speak to him (because, she explained, she didn't want to make him talk to a stranger), and made the boy lead her to our house despite his protests that he and Karen's eldest boy were playing Manhunt.


karen said...

This one is hard to score - do we both get points for hanging in your yard while our children terrorize your 'hood? Do you get more points for inviting assorted kids over and then loosing them on the street? Do I get extras for being mother of the ten-year-old who organized a game of manhunt with four and six year olds?

Amelia said...

Oh she's got to get a point for the neighborhood parent actually calling her house to tell her that her child was roaming the neighborhood with, um...twin four year olds????