Monday, September 29, 2008

Not-Yet No-Nutrition Thursday

After dinner tonight, my oldest said, "Can I have dessert?" Considering I think dessert should be made one of the major food groups, it would be entirely hypocritical of me to snarf dessert on the sly, while extolling the healthfulness of those tasty carrots he could have instead.

So we let the boys have dessert almost every night--a few jelly beans, or whatever candy is left over from the last major holiday. They eat well, so they get dessert. They don't eat well...they don't get dessert.

Seeing as how it's almost October, and Easter has long since passed, the dessert factor is rather slim these days. And I forgot to buy anything for the boys when I went grocery shopping today--anything that is, that passed the food allergy test.

However, I couldn't pass up the French chocolate-covered butter cookies (50 cents a box, on sale), and the Dove ice cream miniatures (buy two boxes, get a dollar off).

There was an opened bag of marshmallows and some stale circus peanuts left over from Will's birthday (in July). So I doled out a circus peanut and a marshmallow for their dessert.

And now that the boys are in bed, it's time to go snarf the Dove ice cream miniatures and the French chocolate-covered butter cookies .

Mommy: 6000 calories.
Food allergy children: Better luck next time.

What did I say about hypocrisy?


karen said...

Why didn't I think of telling my kids they have allergies? I'm totally missing out on that great reason not to share Mama-treats...

+1 WMP for giving the kids stale circus peanuts while you have fresh Dove ice cream and delectable biscuits!

LMP said...

I concur. Besides, eating that many calories in your kids' stead? I call that Takin' One For The Team. A mommy's work is never done...