Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Smelly Kid

The teacher hasn't written home (yet), and Zane's little buddies in daycare still like playing with him; but PG and I narrowly escaped certain humiliation this week. Thank heaven yesterday was Friday. Last night as I was getting Z ready for bed, PG said, "We need to give him a bath tomorrow." I retorted, "You think? We haven't bathed him since Sunday." PG, being the loving father, said, "Eewwww..." As I said, good thing yesterday was Friday.

This is what Zane will look like - at least twice - this weekend.


Lisa said...

Yeah,,, I ahve those moments... The "when was the baby last bathed" thought bubble.

Jen Goble said...

Eh, babies that age don't get too dirty. Enjoy it while you can. Once he's crawling and trying to feed himself, he'll need at least one bath a day! :)

*pab said...

@jen goble: he IS crawling and he IS feeding himself! :)

Jen Goble said...

:) For some reason, I thought he was younger than mine (who will be 8 months tomorrow).....must've been thinking of someone else, sorry.

Umm....yeah, my crawling and feeding-himself kid doesn't get a bath very often either, even though he probably should. :) Oh well. I *DO* make sure my oldest bathes regularly, so I'm not worried about him being the smelly kid - that would be a big problem in 3rd grade.

karen said...

Mmmmm...unwashed baby. :) Not quite the same delight as clean baby, but oh-so-unmistakable!

+1 WMP for going more than 100 hours between baths.

Bitsy said...

Most people bathe their babies too much and dry out their skin. You are actually doing the right thing. Don't listen to all those OCD freaks.