Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Think I Must Be Crazy

Maybe it's not as bad as "crazy," but there is certainly something very wrong with me.

I recently learned the good news that a dear friend is engaged to be married. The date of her wedding is December 13, 2008, and the fabulous soiree will be held in a town very, very far away from Fort Myers. As I shared the news with Peegie, I lamented that the wedding date is a bummer because it falls on a weekend that he is always busy with work. I hopefully added "maybe you could get a pass this year, and not have to work that weekend so we can go to the wedding."

Peegie looked at me with that Matt Laurer-glib stare, as if to say, "really, are you kidding me?" and he said, "well, actually, sweetie, I was thinking it would be problematic because the wedding is the day after Zane's first birthday, and we might want to throw him a party or something?" He said it just like that, with a question mark at the end, clearly trying to will my mommy-brain to sputter to life again. He also noted that he is the "Best.Pop.Ever."


karen said...

Wait - weekend that Peegie has to work and he's also busy throwing a party? Sounds like Girls' Weekend at the Wedding to me! :)

I'm willing to award you +1 WMP for forgetting your child's birthday but, in your defense, it's not like you've had to remember that date before! Don't be too hard on yourself. Also, never fear - Zane will be able to remind you on his own sooner than you think.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh Pooo. First birthdays - They're really for the family anyway. It's not like Zane will know. Who cares if you have it a week late or early?

But I will concur with the point for you not remembering that it was his birthday weekend at all.

I say go to the wedding and have the party the next weekend. but that's just me.

FlapScrap said...

I say take Zane to the wedding and tell him its his birthday party.

Cathy said...

Darn the husband for remembering that. But You can have the first birthday the weekend before...heck probably none of the family members will remember exactly what day it's supposed to be...:)