Sunday, April 13, 2008

A sincere apology

So, it's called "naptime" with the implication that some quiet lying down should happen.

But apparently the Thomas trains were too appealing, and so there was some quiet playing with trains. Fine. Not worth the argument. But apparently - the bridge *really* needed a river to go under it.

So about six bottles of water were carefully carried from the bathroom and poured onto the hardwood floors. Which I noticed when water started pouring out of the chandelier in the dining room. There was harpie-like shrieking. There were tears. And everything to do with Thomas the f-ing Tank Engine was removed from his room while he watched.

As he watched he yelled "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because you don't seem to understand how serious this is. You haven't even said that you're sorry yet."

"But I am, Mommy, I am!"

" I'm sorry you're taking all my stuff away!!!!"

I lost it at that point. But did not begin laughing until I was safely locked in the bathroom.


karen said...

I am laughing hysterically! Chris is laughing hysterically! If you saw the ceiling in our back hall, you would know that we know EXACTLY what you are going through.

+1 WMP for harpie-like shrieking. Next step, snake hair and blood dripping eyes?

Anonymous said...

My kids did the same thing. Thankfully their room is on the ground floor and the water didn't hurt anything in the basement.

LMP said...

Oh, they are fearsome foes, these offspring. We ceased having "quiet time" in her bedroom because Kate would rip the place apart like a rockstar...and then once we established that the boring guest room was where this time would be spent, Kate painted it with her own feces. I suppose I now count myself lucky not to among all you people who've been literally flushed out of your own homes.

*pab said...

Caffeine-free Diet Coke just squirted out my nose from laughing so hard. I concur with Karen's +1WMP, but I'd like to add another for the "Thomas the f-ing Tank Engine" comment. That sent me over the edge. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Round the Bend said...

Karen, It's that this is the second flood that this child has produced in my house... the harpie-like shrieking was impressive in volume apparently, his hands were over his ears for most of it...

And, I love Thomas, most of the time... just not at that particular moment.

karen said...

We've had more than a few showers in the back hall here, one of which resembled Niagara Falls (that was the time we figured out where the water shut-off to the house is) and a couple which have been, uh, not water. One sleeping boy missed the toilet and the other missed the bathroom entirely! We won't even discuss what happens when a Thomas the f-ng Tank Engine gets stuck on it's way to your septic tank...thankfully, that was at my in-laws' house.