Sunday, April 6, 2008

Warm Days/Cold Nights

It's trying to be spring here and though I'm happy about it, I could do without having two or three distinctly different weathers in a day. Dewy but cold mornings call for a heavy coat, which I wear but then feel annoyed about having to lug around in 65° sunny afternoons. I'm glad of the coat again in the frosty evenings, though.

Yesterday, as we left the house in search of dinner out, I suggested to a windbreaker-clad Ross that he bring a heavier coat; it would be cold later. He waved me off, saying he was fine.

Hours later as we piled into the car to come home, a shivering Ross asked if he could have MY jacket! I gently asked if he remembered what I'd said to him as we left the house and he repeated the conversation verbatim, his words slowing as he realized what he was saying and how it pertained to the situation at present. When he finished, I let the silence sink in for a moment then said, "I'm nice and toasty now...maybe next time you'll bring a heavier jacket, too!"


TĂȘnis e Sapato said...
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Sister K said...

oh i recommend pts. for that. esp. since you can just turn the heat on in the car!

karen said...

Who says we didn't have the heat on in the car?? We DID turn the heat on but it takes a few minutes to warm up and his young highness shivered a bit in his thin jacket while it did! Don't think I wasn't as glad of my nice heated seat as I was for my warm jacket...too bad heated seats are only available for the front chairs!