Thursday, April 3, 2008

An ugly conversation

Brandon's sitting at the table writing sentences. "I will tell the truth" 200 times. Because honestly I am at a loss for how to punish a teenager who is already grounded all the time. We have been at each other's throats all afternoon and are in the middle of a kind of silent battle. He is determined to get under my skin.

Brandon - You know that every time I write this it's another lie.

*&$^&#@%!!!!! I grit my teeth and say nothing but wonder how hard I could hit him without it actually leaving a mark. He tries again.

Brandon - What would you do if I told you I was an atheist?

Me - (Big sigh) Nothing Brandon. I wouldn't do anything. Pray, I guess. Try to explain why I believe what I believe if you wanted to listen.

Brandon - Would I still have to go to church?

Me - Yes, Brandon. We go to church as a family. Once you are on your own you can decide if you want to continue.

He continues, apparently disturbed not to have received a bigger reaction.

Brandon - What would you do if I got a tattoo?

Me - (Even bigger sigh) I don't know Brandon. Make you work off your laser tattoo removal treatments?

Brandon - Ha. Ha. (not impressed with my wittiness he sits quiet for a minute) What would you do if I ran away?

Me - What, and deprive us of your cheery personality? I'd help you pack. (and then as an afterthought) But you can't bring anything with you that we paid for, so you won't need a very big bag.


Laurel Wreath said...

Oh this is funny. We told our oldest son something similar. We said you are welcome to leave anytime, but you can not take one thing we bought for I guess you would have to run away naked! To a teenager, that would be the worst.


LMP said...

I'm finally starting to understand why some parents send their teenagers off to boarding school for grades 9-12...

karen said...

You know I'm a big fan of writing lines; +1 WMP.

Has Brandon even got a bag that he's bought?

Saundra said...

Oh it feels to so good to know others are going through the same things I am...

I have told my kids, I am going to run away... and I can go far... I drive, have money, and they have to stay and hold down the fort until they are 18.

Saundra said...

I also understand why some animals eat their young in the wild.

emmay said...

That is..well, I am at a loads for words.
I am awarding you many points because the energy you had to use to maintain the patience to deal with him must be worthy of all these points.

+1 WMP for telling him he'd have to work off his laser tattoo removal
+1 WMP for telling him you'd help him pack
+1 WMP for trying to figure out how hard you could hit him without leaving a mark.

Good point on the bag Karen. I suppose a grocery bag would have to do.

Cathy said...

When i was a kid my mom put the same alternatives forth for me. What she didnt remember is that my father (who was barely in the picture) had purchased my sister and I a bunch of clothes. So when it came time I had enough clothes for me and shoes too!! Also some toys that had been given to me by family I wasnt too hard up. So then she told me I was free to leave but if I did she was going to call Social Services...and get my dad thrown in jail for taking me in....I still hate her responce and putting the fear of GOD into me. ...and it's been 21 years since that happened.