Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Replacement Children

Last weekend was great...except for my two kiddos...with whom I had "had it up to here." So, as I was cajoling and them down right threatening them to get in the car I let slip what I was thinking. I told them both that if they did not stop acting up and start behaving I was going to take them back and get me some new kids. I was going to replace them. And replace them with GIRLS none the less. Much arguing and quite a few tears emerged at this point (at least they were in the car.) My 4 and 1/2 yo was still somewhat skeptical (the one arguing) my almost 3 yo was horrified (the one crying). So, I ask them if they will behave (much yes head nodding) and if they will listen (again much head nodding) and before I could get out the next phrase my almost 3 yo looks right at me and says, "mama, I behave...don't trade me, trade Kyle (his older brother)." Later that day, the boys are acting up around their dad...Kyle (not quiet as skeptical at this point)stops misbehaving and tells my husband not to tell me because I am going to trade them out. Ahhhh, peace.


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

If that doesn't earn you some points I can't imagine what will. You are traumatizing those kids to the point they will need therapy before they reach puberty. xo

*pab said...

+2 WMPs: 1 for making your 3-year-old cry, and 1 for telling your boys you really wished you had girls.

Eulalia said...

Keep up the good work.