Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soundbites from our home.

We are driving in the van yesterday afternoon. Allie, age 11, is sitting in the backseat listening to her ipod.

Allie: You know, Mom, Hannah Montanah doesn't actually have that great a voice.
Me: Hmmm, you don't think so?
Allie: No. But her songs would actually be pretty good if someone like me sang them.
Me: Ha! (I burst out laughing) You think so, huh?

The whole family is sitting together for dinner. The menu is from the the Wendy's drive-thru. (Zero Nutrition Thursday came a bit early this week.) We were all talking when suddenly Clara, barely 2, shouts from her highchair:


A couple hours ago we were getting ready to read books before bedtime. I sent Ben, age 4, in to pick up his toys first. I looked down and he was standing next to me.

Me: Ben, what are you doing? Did you pick up your animals yet?
Ben: Mo-om! (He stomps his feet and flops his arms for emphasis) I tried to put them away and they wouldn't fit in the FREAKIN bucket!

Oy. We may need a refresher course on manners.

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Kasey Hunt said...

oh this is funny!! My daughter sometimes says, danget when she drops something. I too need to watch what I say!!