Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Actual Child WAS Harmed During the Making of this Film Clip

I posted this at my place earlier this morning, but the off-screen aftermath is a classic Worst Mama moment. I laughed so hard during filming that I had to haul a** to the ladies, leaving my child alone and balancing precariously atop a skateboard while his father was (actually) on the floor of the kitchen in hysterics - without a direct line of vision on our skating prodigy. You can imagine what happened when Z toppled off the board and fell three inches to the hardwood. Oof!



Carly said...

this is wrong in so many ways

(that's one of my highest compliments)

Chaotic Joy said...

THat is so funny. I just watched it like 5 times. I HAVE to give you a point for this.

LMP said...

Agreed. Give Phil one, too.

karen said...

Yes, I agree on the point here. I love Z's expression! It's all, "Hey, that other wall is getting closer..."