Monday, August 25, 2008

Yet another Mommy Driveby for Lady Epiphany

It was a miscommunication. I'd said, we'll each take a kid and rinse off the sand in the ocean. He'd replied, make sure we have shoes because the sand is hot. I was picking up shoes for 30 seconds? a minute? when I realized Alec was walking Lauren to the water...and Lindsay was no where to be seen.

I know you Mamas know that feeling you get when you realize you don't know where your kid is. It's food poisoning, getting the wind knocked out of you, and the sky falling at once. I looked frantically around the beach.

"There's a baby!" A woman screamed. "There's a baby all by herself! Whose baby?!"

I walked toward the screaming and looked at her.

"Is your baby wearing a pink bathing suit?"


"She's over there," pointing about 25 yards away, "she's lost and she's crying!"

"Thank you." I replied, walking toward Lindsay.

"You have to watch them every minute," she screamed practically in my ear, "you've got to keep better track of your baby! You nearly lost her!" She followed me, screaming like this, and I thought, I don't have time to talk.

Lindsay was not crying, as she didn't know she was lost. She thought she was on a toy hunt, and I found her negotiating a yellow watering can from a mom who was not going to lend it even briefly.

I scooped Lindsay up, and we headed for the ocean to rinse the sand off.

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LMP said...

I'd be willing to give you points for this if you'd taken a moment, leaving Lindsay unsupervised for just a moment longer, to call that woman a stupid whore, or something of that ilk.