Thursday, December 11, 2008

December's Mine...Maybe More

Yesterday I picked the boys up at school and proceeded on my way to the gym to workout. I generally bring snacks for the kids when I do this because we do not go home first but I forgot the snacks yesterday. Fortunately I had not eaten all of my lunch and snacks from the day. I still had a pear and a ziploc container of pre-shelled pistachios. Since the kids like both I told them to share the snack and please be kinda quick but not too quick because they are eating nuts. Here is the rest of the conversation:

Me: Please eat only one nut at a time. And make sure you chew.

Kyle: Because you do not want us to choke and die?

Me: Yes.

Kyle: Why? I think you want us to die.

Me: WHAT??? Why in the world would you even think something like that?

Kyle: (Very matter of fact) Because you do not like us.

*Sigh* He is but 5. Can you tell how well things have been going in my house?

Me: I may not always like the things you do or the way you act, but I will always love you. And I would never want you to die.

Kyle: Ok.

Seriously. Where do they get this stuff?



*pab said...

Oh, Ashley. I am crying from laughing so hard.

Kristi said...

They have a way to make you feel like dirt, don't they!?!

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Wait until they tell you they HATE you for the first time. Patience is a virtue ........count to 10 and breathe!! You gave the correct answer though. You don't always like your kids because of bad behavior or whatever but you do love them forever. xoxo

Kevin said...

You all are being too nice. What she is forgetting to mention is that the night before she went off on them (rightfully so)because as usual, they were not listening and being all wild. But she also said to them that she is going to ship them off to somewhere else if they don't behave and from that point on, she went into our room and didn't speak to them again that night. After I fed them, they went in the room to tell her sorry but she still just said nothing and they came crying to me that mommy doesn't like them anymore. I told them then they should behave like good little boys then and went ahead and put them to bed. So the next day, I can see why this comment was made to Ashley.

karen said...

Ohh! Threaten to ship them to MY house! When they think you're the worst mama, tell them they haven't seen ANYTHING yet! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, last week my 4 yr old said, and I quote, "You're not mean all the time. Just sometimes."