Friday, December 19, 2008

Mama needs earplugs.

Lauren woke up cranky today. At noon I put her down for a nap, rocked Oliver to sleep, and tried to get a short nap of my own.

When I checked on her a while ago, I found she had discovered the Vick's lotion in the drawer, and covered herself and her bunny and her pillow with it. Thank the fates it was the lotion and not the greasy gel stuff. I managed to keep calm. When I said "what did you do?" she replied, "I dirty! Need a bath now? No more nap, take a bath now."

Two hours later, she is STILL awake. She managed to wake her brother, and when I went in her room to get a clean diaper for him, I found that she had torn one of her books. To shreds. Mama got mad and yelled, and threatened to take all her books away (because, you know, great moms take their kids' books away).

Now she is standing at her baby gate wailing "I neeeeeed you mommy! Want you to sing to me now! I need you to hoooooooold me!"

I think if I continue to ignore her, she'll eventually take a nap. Right?


Lady Epiphany said...

Oh, Jen. I feel ya, sister. I confiscated a tube of petroleum jelly, Beaudreaux Butt Paste, and a bar of soap this week at naptime...which seems to be napOPTIONALtime Chez Stoll these days.

karen said...

+1 WMP for caging her in with the baby gate and blogging while she wailed!

LMP said...

Once, sick of her wandering out of the room, I closed the bedroom door while Sarah was "napping", even though I normally leave it open for the cat. Sarah, unable to manage that doorknob just yet, locked the door instead. I had to pick the lock to get her out of there. Once I gained entry I discovered she'd trashed the place. It looked like a room at the Holiday Inn after a visit from The Who circa 1966.