Monday, July 7, 2008

Are Mondays Really Necessary?

It's been a bad day today. I am not sure what it is about Monday's in this house, but this was a doozy of one. All chaos and very little joy. Unless you count the thirty minutes during nap time where I went and hid in my bedroom with my book and a bag of Dove Chocolates w/Almonds. It's no wonder I can't loose weight. At one point I had all three younger kids crying at once and I shut them all in their rooms to try to listen to Brandon as he was talking to someone about a job. He didn't get it.

Anyway, as I was lecturing Allison on why, Yes, she was still grounded from the computer (for not obeying our strict boundaries on what sites she could go to) and Yes, she had to stop playing her DS right now and do her Saturday chores (Saturday was two days ago!) she started with her typical stomping around and blurted out "You hate me!"

And I had had it. She says this all the time and I have told her how ungrateful and insulting I find it. So taking a cue from Ginger I went over to the computer and typed a title.

(AKA Why it is TOTALLY INSULTING when I say she doesn't)

I told her I wanted a well thought out one page paper on this topic and she was grounded until it was done to my standards. As she was typing it she said "You better not post this paper on your blog."

Aw, ma-an.

"I won't" I said. "I would never do that"

Totally busted.

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