Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inspired by Ashley

I hadn't really thought of it as bad parenting, but I had a couple of proud moments recently which Ashley's post about whacking her child with a spoon reminded me of.

CleverMonkey was riding in the back of the double stroller after a long torturous death march through the park. Kicking his little brother. Repeatedly. After about three warnings, he did it again. So I kicked him in the back. He couldn't see it coming. Apparently, it hurt. And I am "very, very bad".

Then, less than ten minutes later, I'm warning the same darn child to keep his arms and legs inside the stroller at all times. "Why?" he asks. "Because you might get hit by something," I reply. So... the next time the head swung out the side of the stroller, I whapped him. Not hard. Just the two finger dog-correction whap. I found this somewhat poetic justice. As did my walking partner who was trying not to laugh. The child - was less amused.

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