Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thanks to Ashley, without whom I would be in a peck of trouble with the rental car company. Her post saved me from certain disaster on our trek from Trier to Rodenbach yesterday, then saved me again when the other kid had to go. I thought disaster was probably still mine when the first kid had to go AGAIN (German water bottles are teeny...) but then we crossed into Luxembourg where nobody knows us, so I emptied the bottle out the window (it was raining, we figured it would rinse the car off) and let the first kid have another go. While he was peeing, we crossed back into Germany and I had to have two glasses of wine before I could properly contemplate just how many laws (in two countries) I probably broke during one four-ounce pee.

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Chaotic Joy said...

I give Karen a point for this and I am tempted to give Ashley another point as well for being such a bad example