Friday, July 11, 2008

Most Recent Sin - Going to Work

Late, as is my usual ever since giving birth the first time, I breezed into the TV room where pajama-clad Kate sat eating cereal and watching Beauty & the Beast. "I've got to run off to work!" I said, swooping down to kiss her on the head.

Kate stopped eating, put her spoon down and looked at me, wide-eyed. "But..." she said sweetly "I thought you said you loved us!"

It is worth noting here that 2 nights ago I comforted a weeping Kate as she blubbered about not wanting to go to daycare the next morning. We've had a lot of visitors lately and have subsequently taken a lot of time off work. Kate and Sarah have both spent way more time than usual at home instead of at daycare. While Kate was crying and sitting on my lap, I rocked her in the rocking chair in her room and quietly assured her that I would much prefer to hang out with her and Sarah and daddy all the time, too, but that I had to go to work instead, which meant she would have to go to daycare. Then we talked about all the fun she has at daycare and how much she likes her friends and teachers, blah blah blah. She finally went to bed, all sweetness and hugs but apparently added my statement that I would rather stay home to her arsenal of guilt weaponry. I kind of admired her use of my words against me. But I was late.

"I do love you" I responded, "but not enough to stay here with you today" and just like that, I left.


*pab said...

+1 WMP for telling your oldest daughter you don't love her. :)

The Plaid Sheep said...

I realize I don't get a vote but I think that might be worth 2 points.

FlapScrap said...

I'd give more points for, "I was lyin' to stop your cryin' and I want that lawn mowed when I come home, Whiney Weepsalot."