Friday, February 8, 2008

An observation of toddler parenting

Can I just say it's horribly awful and frustrating?

Sure, she has cute moments. Her constant monologue and declarative sentences, "Don't WANT that, Mommy, san queue." Her very good and appropriate use of both "peace" and "san queue". She's really the best napper/sleeper I've ever seen, and feeding her has gotten easier (i.e., she will now eat 10 random items at any given time instead of 6, and there are a few things now she consistently eats).

But MY GOSH. If I have to get kicked during a diaper changed one more time, I may start searching the Internet for 4-point restraints.

I find myself longing for summer because at least then leaving to go anywhere doesn't mean a huge struggle to get her into her coat while she throws herself down, kicking and screaming "No coat! Don't WANT coat! No SAN QUEUE!" and then trying to buckle her bulky with parka into her toddler seat while she struggles, demanding "Get down! Get down!" or deciding that she "Need a drinky, peace Mommy - and quackers. Right now, peace. Right NOW!" while she works herself into a veritable frenzy.

What is 20 months to me? Lots of words and no reason. I don't know if it's more frustrating with no words and no reason at this age, but I can tell you I find myself trying to remember how I got through this last time and guiltily recalling it was full time daycare that dealt with the bulk of this, and I find myself longing for a desk where no one would demand "quackers and doo-doose" every time my bottom hit the chair.



Chaotic Joy said...

It is a hard age, the age between speech and reason. Clara's almost 19 months and we are going through that here as well. Tantrums and clingyness (oh the clingyness!) and so much frustration when their demands are not met - immediately. And the chasing and physical battles. I hear ya.

The other day I left for a while and came back and saw Ben, I said "Oh Boo, I missed you!" and gave him a hug. And I looked at Clara, and said "I didn't miss you at all!" In fact I could have happily stayed away from you for 3 more hours." Allison was, as usual, appalled. But that age just wears you out. And makes you want to scream.

Would you believe I googled "San Queue" to figure out what that meant? Google sent me right back here to Worst Mama Ever. Heh. heh. I finally realized you meant she was saying "Thank you!"

I am very slow.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Sarah's in full time daycare and I have a desk far away from there, but I can assure you someone IS demanding something from me every time my bottom hits the chair and it's typically someone I find more annoying than any of the toddlers I know. So, I'm not trying to say it could be worse, but it probably wouldn't be much better...

Round the Bend said...

I've done lots of words and no reason, and this time we're trying just three words and no reason...

Let me tell you - expressive vocabulary good... if I play one more game of twenty questions at breakfast, I'll just let him pour his own milk (at 18 months).