Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Subversive Sundried Tomatoes

My children will eat just about anything that's set before them for dinner. This is partially because they like a wide variety of foods and partially because they've figured out that their only other choice is to wait for breakfast the next morning. I do my best to select meals that everyone will like at least some part of and that nobody will find all that objectionable. Still, everyone has their turn to suffer. Chris fares worst on seafood nights. I can't stand cooked green peppers. Ross doesn't like meat if he can see black pepper on it. For Lars, sun-dried tomatoes are the worst of all possible ingredients. Unbeknown to me, I seem to be using them for subversive torture.

Tonight, I added sun-dried tomatoes to a light sauce with artichokes over chicken, served with brown rice and steamed broccoli. Ross gave hearty approval to the meal as I was cooking it, ostensibly because it is his, "Very favorite dinner!" Then, he went into the living room and said, "Hey Lars, what are you hiding from Mama that she's making dinner with sun-dried tomatoes?"


emmay said...

I can only hope my kids are as funny as yours when they're as big.

Chaotic Joy said...

I rarely cook a meal that the entire family gives approval to. I think there are only two things all 6 of us will eat. But the older kids are also a part of the eat it or starve crew. Allison will almost always choose to starve rather than eat something offensive and Brandon - being a teenage boy will typically choke it down rather than be hungry.

Today I made Lo Mein and no one ate it but Shane and I. And I knew they wouldn't and I just didn't care. I was tired of pleasing people and decided to make what I felt like.

Tomorrow, I am back to family friendly fare. Sigh. Maybe I should have turned this into my own post and tried to milk a point from it.

And I concur...your kids are hilarious.

Sister K said...

that's pretty funny! do they at least get a choice of sauce on the side? like "do be" helpings? that seems only fair...when i was 7 i didn't even know what a sun-dried tomato was! ;)

Epiphany Alone said...

I'm throwing a point at Joy.

karen said...

I concur - Joy deserves a point for making something she knew none of her kids would eat!