Thursday, March 20, 2008

Been Scarce Lately...

So here's my addition to the conversation, since I've been under a rock.

The other night at supper, something happened, who knows what. Will started crying, Samuel was crying, the Ginger Bread Man was trying to deal very patiently with them, but about to lose his cool and what do I do? Whip out the camera to capture it all on film. The GBM looked at me like I literally was the worst mother ever.


Chaotic Joy said...

OK, Ging. You are officially a worst mama now. You know you have arrived when the sight of your child's tears makes you lunge for the camera.

I am a seasoned crying child photographer. And award 1 BIG POINT for heartless you!

Spice Girl said...

Truly, Joy, you are my inspiration! Tee hee.