Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday, What A Day

[Cross-posted from Reason Enough]

5:45am - Wakeup (sort of); shower. Think about the happy jig I would do in honor of the last Mites away game, if only I were a little more awake.

6:00am - Lars has huge sneeze. Gob of mucous gets stuck in his throat and he gags a little. Recovers; seems bouncy.

6:05am - Breakfast. Wonder how the children can be so talkative at this hour and how long I can go without actually giving a response.

6:25am - Pile into car; drive to Morristown.

6:55am, 100' from entrance drive to rink - Lars pukes a little.

6:56am: Chris pulls car over in rink driveway but not before Lars pukes a lot.

6:57am: Lars pukes some more, thankfully now outside the car.

6:58am: Another Bears family arrives. Situation is quickly assessed, Ross and Chris go with other family; I wait for Lars to feel a little better and then take him home. We drive with all the windows and the sunroof open. We freeze but it's better than the windows closed option.

7:30am: Lars makes it to the house before the next round.

7:35am: Lars goes to shower. I start laundry and clean car.

7:55am: Lars asks if he can have a granola bar. Uh, no.


Ashley Long said...

Car puke is the worst...especially when you still have to drive the car home. So good too that you got to get up at 5:45am just to be home again at 8:30am...

Chaotic Joy said...

Puke in the car. Ug. Is there anything worse?? Did you get a nap?

Sister K said...

at for dog who gets sprayed by skunk in middle of night then runs in the doggie door and sprays you before running around house and jumping on owner's bed w/ expensive foam mattress in a town where the drugstore doesn't open 'til 6am. otherwise, puke in car rates right up there! LOL...