Monday, March 10, 2008

Fish face not so funny?

It was a little chilly out yesterday but not cold enough to keep the kids from playing with the sidewalk chalk on the driveway. They were all out there with Daddy and Uncle Steve - Steve drawing chalk outlines of the kids' bodies while I was inside working on dinner and the sun was setting. I looked up to see Sarah at the glass French doors. She had her face pressed up against the glass humorously. I walked over, got down on my knees and stuck my face against hers through the glass. She backed up and glared at me.

Sometimes it's a little hard to get a laugh out of Sarah so I went for the blowfish effect with my mouth on the (frighteningly filthy) window. No go. She was saying something but I couldn't tell what. I stuck my hands up to heighten the blowfish impersonation effect. Now her lower lip was quivering. She put her hands on the window. She's finally playing with me! I went for the sidelong view this time. She banged her hands on the window. The nose? Not amused.

It was a full minute at least before I finally realized...she was begging me to let her in out of the cold. Oops.


karen said...

+1 WMP for outlining a sketch that would make a great Pixar short!

Chaotic Joy said...

This is absolutely Hilarious!

Sister K said...

yeah where r the pix? :)