Saturday, March 29, 2008


Mama has 23 hours of leave. Poppy came and retrieved small people at 11 AM and assured he'd return with them "sometime around 10 tomorrow". I have class on Saturdays, so that limited my fun activities (or at least potentially delayed them). So far I:

- ate a hard-boiled egg for lunch
- went to class
- came home from class, starved. Had I eaten breakfast? No. Lunch? No. What the heck did I eat all day?! A hard-boiled egg. I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (protein, sugar, carbs - STAT!), had some yogurt, an apple, and a tall glass of iced tea
- thought about grocery shopping since we're out of milk, bread, and cat food
- went upstairs instead and fell asleep
- woke up at 5 PM
- read WME and wrote this post

I think I may have lost my groove, girls. Even the idea of a mani/pedi paled in the shadow of uninterrupted sleep.


Chaotic Joy said...

Hmmm. Sounds like you're a mom to me. Not even a worst mom. Just a mom. Hurray for uninterrupted naps.

LMP said...

What's a nap?

Sister K said...

yay for you! i'm ALL for naps! now i have a kitten as an excuse to take one :)

karen said...

Hooray for uninterrupted naps! I know I was sort of irked when I heard that Alec would be gone on a weekend but I bet you would not have gotten such a great nap if he'd been home to be in your way...