Saturday, March 1, 2008

Down to Eight Toes

Regardless of offense or punishment, Ross enters every disciplinary action as if he is about to endure unspeakable torture. He will occasionally go to time out with only a little stomping but growls or tears are not uncommon when he's sent to sit on our seat of 1500 sharp, pointy nails and you wouldn't believe the fuss he kicks up when told to write lines using his own blood.

In stark contrast, we have Lars, Master of the Sad Face and recipient of the 2007 Child Who Did The Worst thing distinction for carving his brother's name into our new dining room table. Lars steels himself for every punishment with the sort of grit you might expect of a Viking. He stomps to time out now and then but he goes there and sits there and, after the fuming and glaring, usually doesn't commit the same offense again (at least not that day...). Today, though, Lars couldn't remember to shut the front door and it's good and cold out. He got a warning the first time and the second time, he sat in time out for the third. I lost it on four - LINES. Five rounds of "I will shut the front door every time," ought to help him remember! He allowed himself a quiet, exasperated groan as he sat down to write but he knocked them out. He paused before getting up to ask what would happen when he forgets again - more lines? I gave him my best 'don't test me' look and told him I'd be cutting off toes next.

Later, two neighborhood kids were over to play. Lars brought one in to use the bathroom and I heard him say on the way back out, "Make SURE you shut the door all the way behind you. You don't want bloody boots!" I can't wait for THAT to come back...

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Epiphany Alone said...

Bloody boots = 1 WMP.