Friday, March 28, 2008

Slave Driver With No Fashion Sense

The boys and a friend this afternoon, with Chris as the attending parent while I worked from home in the den. After a couple of hours' hard playing, I heard Chris talking with the kids about snack. Normal kitchen sounds happened for a few mintues, then things got quiet again and I figured everyone was digging in until I heard a big kerfluffle coming from the kitchen. Dragging sounds! Cupboards banging! Excited yelps! I went to investigate.

Three small boys were perched at odd spots in the kitchen, having dragged stools and benches around so they could climb for our candy, which is stored high overhead. Judging by the bits of wrapper and thin layer of Nerds on the floor, they'd already managed to free a few bits from captivity. "Get down," I said, in my most polite do-this-right-now voice (they had a guest...). I noted three small plates of apple and Cheez-Its clearly meant to be snack and wondered why they hadn't been served.

With the climbers safely back on the Nerd-covered ground, I went in search of Chris. I found him in the front yard, chatting amiably with a neighbor. "Huny, did you give the kids permission to help themselves to candy?" From the look on his face, he had not. Also, it might have been a surprise to him that the kids were in the house at all. I left Chris with the neighbor and went back to the house. "Lars, get the vacuum," I directed.

"But I have a friend over," he cheerfully pointed out.

"Yes, you do, and the two of you have made a mess that must be cleaned up right now. Maybe your friend would like to help?" Lars did not look amused. With a glance at my face to make sure I wasn't kidding, Lars gave a resigned sigh and got out the vacuum. He did not ask his friend to help so the friend hovered in the next room, a little unsure what to do. When the loose Nerd count had been drastically reduced (I can't say cleaned up - every time I go in the kitchen I find another one), the boys got their actual snack and I returned to the den.

After dinner, I was helping Ross get ready for a birthday overnight he's going to tomorrow. He'd picked a pair of nice pants (where nice = no stains or holes, not chinos or anything fancy) and I brought over a coordinating polo shirt. Ross regarded me calmly, then held up a not-exactly-nice (where n-e-n = no stains or holes but still a free t-shirt from the local sporting goods store that has seen a lot of washing) t-shirt and said he was wearing it to the party. He jumped in before I could speak, "Mama, I don't want to look like a dork. I want to wear this shirt." I noticed then that he had several of the same t-shirt in his pile of partywear.

"Are you bringing three of the same shirt?"

He looked at me, then at the pile of clothes. He gestured, "This one is to wear to the party tomorrow, that one is to go with my sleeping pants for bed, and I'm going to wear the other one for coming home."

"Don't you want to look nice for the party?"

Ross rolled his eyes and exclaimed, "Yes! That's why I'm going to wear THIS shirt!" He looked at me
with the sympathy one affords the soft headed until I left the room. A few minutes later, he appeared by my side. "I love you anyway, Mama," he said, "It's ok that you don't know the cool shirts."


Sister K said...

aw, what a sweetheart! :) but scary he's hitting the peer pressure "i caaaaaaaan't shopt at K-mart" phase. at least the cool shirts he likes are "free from the sport store" and not $60!

Epiphany Alone said...

Though I'm tempted to award a point for the IM which preceded the post describing the event that started with "this is going up at WME", I might have been made soft after you showed with Webkinz trading cards, chocolate, and rum to cheer my bad day...

A point for Lars' cleaning while playdate friend meekly hides in the corner. Though, I might have awarded a point if you made Ross clean by himself just because Lars had a playdate.

I'm unsure if your fastidious son's concern about changing the same t-shirt 3 times in a 20 hour period warrants a point. I thought maybe this is bragging. Next, you'll tell us that he washes his own shirts and while we'll all say "What a great kid" we'll be thinking "Totally trying to score himself a Wii".

But no, just a point for you because mmm rum.

Chaotic Joy said...

Well she didn't give ME liquor, chocolate or toys but I still say 1 point for disciplining the kid in front of the friend. I have done this before and it always makes for a very uncomfortable friend.

I think the fact that the kid brought three of the SAME t-shirt to a sleepover is not points worthy but still really hilarious. Doesn't he realize everyone is just going to think he is wearing the same shirt?

Sister K said...

at least he's on the better side of not wanting to wash or be smelly. did he bring a toothbrush :)