Friday, May 9, 2008

Be careful little children what you say

The first part of this post has been deleted to protect the innocent (or not so innocent, as it may be.) Mother's Day Guilt got the best of me.

Today I had the following phone conversation with Allison:

"Allie, I am going to the drugstore to get Mother's Day cards and then I will stop and pick up Mataia (her friend) on the way home. I need you to do your chores. If they are not done by the time we get back, Mataia can keep you company while you finish them"

"My Saturday chores? I have to do my Saturday chores?" incredulously.

Deep breath. "Yes, Allie. There won't be time to get them done tomorrow."

"NO MOOO-OOOM! I am not doing my Saturday chores! It's Friday!"

"Fine." I said. "Then I am not picking up Mataia. See you at home"


There was a couple of minute pause and then my cell phone rang.

"Hi Allison"

Quietly. "You hung up on me."

"Yes I did. You argue with everything I ask you to do and I was sick of listening to it."

"But you hung up on me."

"Yes, I did."

Meekly "I'll do my Saturday chores."


"Will you still go get Mataia?"

"Yes, I will. Please call her and tell her I will be there in twenty minutes"

And then later in the same car ride I called my husband and had this conversation with him:

"Hi Honey. I got a phone message on my cell from Brandon asking me if he was still grounded. I was getting a pedicure so I didn't answer it. Did he talk to you?"

"Yep" he said cheerfully "I told him what we talked about, that since he was so vocal yesterday (i.e. he yelled at me) about always being grounded that he should know the answer to that. If he's always grounded than obviously he must be grounded now."

I sniggered. "And what did he say?"

"He said he was joking. And I asked him how funny he thought the joke was now."

"Awesome!" I said in genuine vindictive glee. "Love you, honey. I'll see you at home."

Because what every WME really needs is a partner in crime.

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Laurel Wreath said...

I can so relate to what you are saying. If you get a chance you can read my Laced With Grace post tomorrow, it talks about handing in my Mommy badge. =)