Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Look Mama, No Pants!

Now that Zane and I are home from Tallahassee, our "three-pack" has settled back into a very nice family rhythm.

I am blessed with a baby-daddy who is a really good baby daddy. Since we are breastfeeding Zane, PG enthusiastically performs every task he can perform (yes, even changing dirty diapers...)

Now that we are home, PG takes responsibility for feeding Z his once daily bowl of rice cereal, bathing him and putting him down to sleep at night.

He also takes over in the morning after I nurse Zane at 7:00am. They play; they laugh; they smile at each other; they take field trips to the lanai and the backyard; and, when I am out of hair and makeup and ready for wardrobe, PG changes Z and dresses him for the day.

At left is a picture from this morning. There was a bit of protest, but Zane did leave the house properly attired in his shorts.

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Chaotic Joy said...

Awesome. What a cutie.