Saturday, May 3, 2008

Derby Day

"Ross! Lars! It's the First Saturday in May! Get down here - you need to make your picks!"

The boys, who've been playing kitten-hockey in their room, come thundering down the stairs. "These are the picks for dollars, right?" Ross asks, eyes shining, as he looks down at the list of horse names and silks. They consider the choices and make their selections for Winner, Trifecta, and Lastfecta (a family invention to name the trio who will stagger over the line last). Dimes (for Winner) and quarters (one for each 'fecta) are gathered and Chris calls (his mom) to place our bets.

Yes, yes, our young'uns are already enslaved to betting on horses. Don't call us between 6:00pm and 6:08pm tonight - we'll be glued to the fastest two minutes on television, hoping to win.


Chaotic Joy said...

Oh you totally get a point for teaching your children to bet on horses. The fake call to the bookie was a nice touch. It almost pushed me to 2 points on this.

LMP said...

It's a high stakes race when first place nets all manner of swell bling and second place gets shot.

I'm with Joy...unless Chris's mom really IS a bookie, then I'm totally down for 2 points!

karen said...

While Chris' mom does take bets from the whole family for this event, she doesn't keep a portion for herself unless she actually wins so I doubt she can be considered a bookie. I've also never known her to break anyone's knees - further disqualification from bookie status, I'm sure.