Thursday, May 29, 2008

I know, I'm late, but that's par for the course now that I have children.

You can't see much of the Bumbo here, but if you look closely you can see Sarah's wearing her "Daddy drinks because I cry" onesie and yes, she's up on the kitchen counter.


FlapScrap said...

If I'm being honest, you've thoroughly phoned this one in. I nominate you for the worst worst mama ever post of the month. You and I are family and, knowing as I do just how rich you are in parental negligence and incompetence, I can only call this a lazy effort. Ptewee.

karen said...

I can't even phone this one in - we never had a Bumbo. I don't even think they made Bumbo when my kids would have fit in one (which, in Lars' case, would be never, although there's a pretty good chance Ross might still fit). Man, do I suddenly feel old.

LMP said...

Don't feel bad, Karen, the Bumbos weren't invented until after I had Kate (2004). Also, they kind of suck. Sarah was constantly wriggling out of hers and, because it was always placed at a height, nearly falling to her death.