Thursday, May 29, 2008

But Mommy needs a playdate!

So we have this regular dinner with the boys down the block, both of our partners work Thursday evenings. And all four boys run and tire each other out, put on pajamas and collapse as soon as we get home.

The problem? Bruiser has pinkeye, and possibly some other nasty virus. Me too, but I can generally be trusted not to wipe my eye boogers on other people. I should cancel and keep my kids home, but I think someone might not survive the evening.

And therefore, I justify.... well, he's had a day of antibiotics, he can't be that contagious... they saw him last week just before this started, they'd have it already... and finally... but Mommy just really needs her playdate.


Epiphany Alone said...

We were allowed to send Lauren back to daycare after 24 hours of antibiotics for conjunctivitis...I think you were alright. And as far as trading viruses (viri?) unless it's a kid who has a compromised immune system or severe asthma, I'd bring 'em with nary a phone call.

Round the Bend said...

I would normally too, but this is the mom that I'm still not sure about. She seems fabulous and relaxed, but her children are immaculately groomed, bilingual and fed only organic foods... :)

Meh, no harm, no foul.

karen said...
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karen said...

Sounds like a germ or two might be good for her...and besides, haven't you always wanted to know the word for "conjunctivitis" in French?