Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shoe stand off

If you read me over at my personal blog, you already know that Lindsay and I have been battling the terrible not-quite twos. I know at some point between two and three they become much more rational, but it is already starting to feel like forever.

Since we returned from vacation, Lindsay has decided she does not want to wear shoes. Since nearly every interaction could potentially result in a tantrum, I tend to only stress things I feel are very important - either for safety or sanity reasons. An example of the latter would be you must sit in your own chair for a meal and not on Mama's lap. There's nothing unsafe about lap eating - it's just exhausting to constantly have a toddler on top of you. I haven't insisted that she wear shoes. I've asked her a couple of times to let me put them on and accepted her no, and brought her shoes with me for the ensuing arguments about playing on the playground or getting out of her stroller.

"Wan pick fower."

"You may get down if we put on your shoes first."

"No wan shoes."

"Then you may not get down."

I have been letting her out of the stroller a few feet from the door so that she has to take a few steps on the asphalt path and brush rug before getting in the door. She complains, "Feet hurt. Pick me up, peas." I refuse: "This is why we must wear shoes."

But in the back of my head I have this nagging feeling: maybe she grew out of the shoes along with the clothes? They seemed fine the last time she wore them. Maybe I should see if Marshalls is stocking those white Stride Rite sandals already? Am I teaching my nearly 2 retail therapy?


Chaotic Joy said...

So I was reading along thinking it all sounded like perfectly good parenting to me until I got to the part where you said maybe she didn't want to wear her shoes because the didn't fit her anymore. 1 point for trying to convince your daughter to wear too small shoes.

karen said...

I agree with Joy! +1 WMP for attempted foot binding.