Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just WAIT Worst Mama's. Just WAIT. Someday you too will have teenagers and will be able to have weeks where you feel like all you do is rack up points. Brandon missed the bus today FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW. Now making him walk the 7 miles to school only works if you have a kid who is motivated to actually get to school. Brandon, I fear, would make it there sometime around lunch which won't help him pass his finals next week, and subsequently his classes in general.

Fun times.

So this morning when I got back from driving him in anger-charged silence to school Ben was out of bed and waiting for me. After getting him his breakfast I plopped down on the couch and said "I'm so tired, Ben."

Ben said "Why weren't you sleeping?"

"Because Brandon missed the bus this morning and I had to drive him to school."

"Oh" said Ben. "He's such a little smart aweck!"

Awesome. I have taught my younger son that my older son is a little "smart aleck." Just give me the freakin worst mama crown and lets call it a day.

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Epiphany Alone said...

Considering Lauren argued with me at the bus stop about what the weather would be like later in the day and whether her soccer cleats would fit for tonight's clinic, I can only imagine what I am in for once the Ls are teens.

As for "smart aweck", it seems Ben was trying to empathize with your predicament. Maybe a good scolding from his little brother will give Brandon pause?