Saturday, May 31, 2008

Useful Kids

We had friends over for dinner tonight. We haven't seen them in a looooong time; too long, really, maybe a year? When last we were together, their baby was turning one - today, he's past two. They arrived, there were hugs, and in the greeting mix, Ross and Lars absconded with the baby. I glanced into playroom, saw trains coming out, and offered our guests drinks - the kids were taking care of the kid! I saw it as joyous. Our guests allowed it to happen but seemed nervous, even after I explained that Ross loves to play with little kids and has yet to lose anyone. At some point in our conversation, Chris mentioned how fond Lars is of knocking other kids over and sitting on them. Really, Lars hasn't done that in years (except to his brother, who generally deserves it), but our friends looked as if they might be calculating possible damage of a sixty-pound seven year old sitting on their 20-pound toddler. Dinner was fabulous! They are food people like we are and our shared meal came out really well. As they were handing round the satay sauce, they explained it was made from sunflower seeds as they're not feeding nuts until their kid turns three. Oh? I suggested they might not want him to have the fruit salad, then, since it had pecans. *sigh* We had a great time with them and I hope they're not putting us on a list of crazy people (underage child watchers! nuts!) they will avoid.


Chaotic Joy said...

Hee hee. First time parents are a riot. Although I think I was a "WME" from day one. I am just too lazy to keep my kids away from nuts for 3 straight years, unless they are actually allergic. Which we would have found out very early. And I for one would have been THRILLED to have Ross as a babysitter so I could enjoy a drink on the patio.

But I am generally known in my circle of friends as being the most laid back mama. Which I think is actually kind code for negligent mama. Which is occasionally true.

Round the Bend said...

Never interrupt play amongst children unless the screaming is loud enough to prevent you from hearing the tv...

You're supposed to avoid nuts until age 3?! Okay. Whatever. Two kids, both still breathing.

momma said...

Eeps....I guess I qualify here too. WME, definitely. Of course, my weekend was worse than the nuts and underage babysitter in the other room, so that may be the guilt talking.

Stupid sunburns.

LMP said...

My doctor insists it's only age 2, and I very dutifully waited until both kids turned one. Both kids are also still breathing. Given their recent willinginess to completely ignore me when I tell them to do something, it won't be the nuts that cause them to stop breathing.

Epiphany Alone said...

@Karen: As the child of the sitter, rather than the sittee, I'd say that's not worth points for you. It seems from where I sit, if they didn't mention the nut issue before coming over your house, they can't really blanch over the pecans.

@Joy: a point for you for offering up Clara to potentially getting sit on by Lars and feeding her nuts.

@RTB: a half point for nuts.

@Lisa: a half point for nuts.

With Lauren, the "magic" age was 18 months for allergens and we got scolded by the pediatrician for feeding our 10 month old lobster (hey, that doesn't have nuts in it!).

With Lindsay, I believe I fed her nuts around her first birthday. At 2, she regularly eats peanut butter.