Thursday, December 13, 2007

In the Spirit of Celebration - Part 7

Oh shoot... I must join the fun!

Todd - 7lbs, 6ozs, 18 1/2 inches - June 16, 2005(we think the nurse messed up the length...he is actually a few days old as somehow all of my newborn in the hospital shots of him have magically disappeared...2nd kids always have it so rough!)

Kyle - 7lbs, 15ozs, 21 inches - September 3, 2003 (I just love this shot, he was just under 2 days old and alert as all get out)


Grandmoo said...

Oh how precious!!! What a Christmas present! God bless the little guy.

Chaotic Joy said...

That's amazing about Kyle. I don't think we could get a picture of Clara with her eyes open for weeks after she was born.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

A family of girls is producing a new generation of boys! It's going to be so cute to see these lads rolling around in the yard together like puppies - congratulations on the new nephew!