Friday, December 14, 2007


Ross' term of Being Bigger lasted approximately 17 days but I have photographic evidence to show that he was, in fact, bigger than Lars. On this day, or one just like it, Ross gave Lars his nickname, "Little". It was given matter-of-factly, "Oh, he's just Little," but I suspect Ross may have been working with some inside information - he's always appreciated irony:

Nine months later, Lars hadn't quite caught up in the height or hair departments but he was already ahead on weight:

By the time Lars was two and Ross was four, it was all over:

Lars is turning seven and we still call him "Little." As time goes on, it just gets funnier!


Chaotic Joy said...

Those are some crazy cute pictures of your boys. Sigh.

Grandmoo said...

You surfaced some of my favorites! I confess all you WME out there, I'm biased. Karen may be WME, but Ross and Lars are the BBE!