Sunday, December 2, 2007

One man's trash...

This morning hubby was kind enough to let me sleep in again. (He got up yesterday with Helen, the human rooster, but I've been nursing a head cold that he gave me, so maybe he felt guilty. It was very nice of him either way.) I made my way downstairs around 8 a.m. and plopped down on the couch with Benny and Ruthie. Little Helen was wandering around the kitchen. A little while later she came toddling in with something in her hand. She was ceremoniously bringing it to her mouth and licking it. Curious, I leaned forward and looked a bit closer. Looked like a bagel...and cream cheese.
"Did you give her a bagel for breakfast?" I ask Benny.
"She's eating a bagel, did you give that to her?"
A bewildered look comes across Benny's face.
"Uh, no. I gave Ruthie a bagel, but she threw it in the trash. That must be where she got that from."
I turn to the baby. "Did you take that out of the trash?"
"Trash" she replies with a big cream cheesy grin.
I shrug. Benny shrugs, And Helen enjoys the rest of her bagel.
On a whim, later, I peek in the trash can and sure enough, Ruthie's bagel is gone.


Sister K said...

5 min. rule? reminds me of that commercial in the office where the lady is contemplating eating the fresh piece of cake that's sitting on top of the garbage...but she decides to drink her special K water instead (what a decision :)

karen said...

+1 WMP for the garbage bagel! Well, really, I'm awarding the point because you KNOW she's eaten other things out of that can...

Kicking N. Screaming said...

A point for that but I can't score unless I have to run the kids to the ER? NAY. That bagel had only been in a trash for a little while AND it's actually food. Talk to me when she's going for the wine glass shards from the previous night's mayhem.