Monday, December 31, 2007

Lars, Age 7, Runaway

By his own declaration, Lars is RUNNING AWAY. The following reasons were cited (at the top of his lungs):

1. He does not want to write thank-you notes for his Christmas or birthday presents.

2. It is NOT FAIR that he can't play x-box for six hours at a stretch.

3. I bought him new pants and made him take off his favorite black pants (which are really blue and short enough to almost show his knees) this morning IN THE HALL.

4. He had to use a NAPKIN at BREAKFAST.

5. Ross NEVER has to use a NAPKIN. EVER. At BREAKFAST. He NEVER does.

6. Lars does not want to go to school today. (Winter break is still on until Wednesday...)

So far, Lars has made it as far as his room, presumably to pack. Since Chris just handed me the power cord for the kids' computer, I know he's not up there playing games with the sound off. I'm sort of hoping he'll sneak into my room to watch TV with the sound off - he hides under the covers and usually gets warm and falls asleep when he does, and something tells me a nap is exactly what he needs about now.


Grandmoo said...

Ah, I can tell he comes by this honestly. If he goes, look for him at Mr. Murphy's house!

Sister K said...

or around the block with a box of girlscout cookies ;) at least he got his way w/ one thing. he doesn't have to go to school today!

Kicking N. Screaming said...

I ran away with my doll-sized baby carriage packed full of my worldly possessions including my cat. I made it nearly around the block. My oldest brother ran away with sandwiches my mom packed for him ('its a hard world out there, dear, you'll need provisions') and sat under a tree for the better part of the afternoon - in plain view of the kitchen window. I just can't apply points here because I think you must be doing a good job if you inspire that sort of escape plan.

Chaotic Joy said...

I think I mentioned this before, but last year when Brandon and I were in the car we were discussing a difference of opinion. "I'll just run away then" he joked in his typical smart @ss tone. "Okay", I said. "Do you need some help packing? You are going to need a lot of garbage bags to carry all those close we bought you"

"Ha, Ha" he said, obviously irritated by my lack of concern.

Oh and the nap thing, man did we need some of those over Christmas break. I am actually relieved to have them back on a schedule.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oops that was "clothes we bought you" I really should proof these things before I push publish.

bellevelma said...

My mom always told me that if I was going to run away I had to go like I came into this world, without clothes. She said she paid for all my clothes so technically, they belonged to her and I could run away but without any clothes on my back. So that made it kind of hard to actually leave the house.