Friday, January 4, 2008

Parenting over my head

I hadn't declared December's tie between Joy and Paige, at 10 points each. Congrats, ladies!

Tonight, we went to Target to buy Lindsay her own pair of pink cowboy boots and a soccer ball because she keeps taking Lauren's. In the car, Lauren recounted how she's being pushed by a bully in the bus line.

"Did you tell the para?"

"Yeah. She said, 'Stop pushing' and he kept pushing anyway."

"So what happened next?"

"I pushed him back."


"Well, he spread his legs so he didn't fall down."

"Hmm. Well, I think there are two possible approaches for this."


"You could use your Danger Voice and say 'Stop pushing me! You're hurting me!'."

"I'm only supposed to use my Danger Voice if a stranger is hurting me."

"Do you think it's better that someone you know hurts you versus someone you don't know? If someone is hurting you, you use your Danger Voice."


"Or, another approach would be not to stand near him in line."


"Because I could go talk to the principal, or call his mother, but I think you can handle this yourself."

"Ok. Mom, can we go to church?"

Uhhh? "Sure."


"Did you want to go Sunday? We can go to the church Jack goes to..."

"Well, I always like to see Jack, but do we have to go on Sunday?"

"That's when church usually is..."

"Alright then. Sunday."

"Ok, honey."


Sister K said...

i think i'd recommend more pts. if you'd have told her to kick 'em in the nuts when he spread his legs to stay grounded ;)

Chaotic Joy said...

Interestingly enough I thought that's where this was going as well Sister K. It was quite a letdown when she actually gave good sound parenting advice. :)

Spice Girl said...

Hear, hear! I say you get -2 points.