Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Introducing - my crazy family

Apparently, my life is crazy enough that I qualify. *snort*

I'm an elementary school teacher in urban Canada. One would think that managing 25 of someone else's kids all day would give me some quality skills for my own two munchkins, but you'd be mistaken.

I have two boys, CleverMonkey aged 3.5 and Bruiser aged 18months. My husband and I work split shifts - I work mornings, he works afternoons and evenings and some weekends. We have two large neurotic dogs and a gerbil.

My eldest is very articulate and the world's biggest extrovert. He's the strange kid who walks up to you in the mall, takes your hand and says "We're going to WalMart my mom says WalMart is terrible but I think it's a lot of fun and there's a McDonald's in WalMart and they sell Thomas trains do you like Thomas trains my favourite train is Murdoch because he's so fast..."

My youngest is the bizarre combination of completely fearless and not walking yet. Example, I left him for thirty seconds to put a diaper in the garbage and found that he'd made a giant pyramid of Little People building and was sitting on the windowsill pointing out the birds and looking very pleased with himself. Still don't know how he did it...

I love my children. I adore my children. Both my pregnancies were high risk and I value those children as the true blessings they are. I would sell them to the circus at least two days out of every week. And I'm sure that there will be lots of stories coming out of my house. Looking forward to sharing.


Chaotic Joy said...

Oh Welcome to the nuthouse! I have an 18 month old girl (my youngest of four) that is not walking either. Actually she runs full speed upright on her knees. It's a great trick at parties. We look forward to hearing your stories.

karen said...

I'll be curious to see if Worst Mamaing in Canada is any different from down here. Something for you to keep in mind: the circus actually comes through our town every year in May. You know, in case you need to make a deposit. Welcome to the fray!

Round the Bend said...

Yes, people keep telling me he'll walk when he wants to carry things... I keep telling them that they have doggie siblings - he carries things in his mouth...

Thanks for the welcome, Karen & Chaotic, I'm guessing that other than the socialized medicare and extra political parties the day to day is pretty much the same, but I'm happy to be quizzed.

emmay said...

Welcome! My older daughter didn't walk until about 18 months. She's made up for it quite nicely. Mine are almost 2 and almost 4 and I have been telling people recently that this age combo is really hard...so hold onto your hat.

Kids Special Needs said...

Welcome to the group. I'm excited to see another mom of all boys. I had all boys until this last year (long story). Anyway, my boys are 12, 11, & 9. Good times. Lots of good times. And a babysitting story that turned one of my kids into Harry Houdini(which we don't allow anymore). I must post that story, but alas I'm off to the orthodontist.

Big welcome to you ;o)

Spice Girl said...

Welcome to you!

Personally, I say forget the circus. I keep threatening ebay.

I've got two boys myself: a 7 yr old who's got Asperger's and a 3 yr old who doesn't.

I've been quiet on the blog-front of late, because I am also in grad school (MFA in Writing for Children) and I'm in the middle of writing a young adult novel.

And my children, bless them, have been good lately.