Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm so mature.

This morning Brandon had a basketball game at 10:00AM. At about 9:15 he was flopping around the house in his uniform looking for something, and obviously irritated. Against my better judgement, and stupidly in support of his passive aggressive fit, I asked him what he needed. "My Georgia Hoodie", I put it in the laundry and didn't get it back."

"No", I said, "That's not true, I washed it, folded it, and gave it back to you. It's probably in your landfill, ahem, room downstairs."

"No" he grumbled at me, "I looked, and I know where I put it. And you never gave it back to me. And it's not here."

"Brandon", I replied, my voice raising. "I am not in the habit of throwing your clothes out onto the street. If you put it in the laundry and haven't gotten it back clean, it will be in the laundry. I did not lose your shirt. If it's not in the laundry, it's in your room, or you left it somewhere"

Brandon snapped right back at me, "Well that's what usually happens when I can't find my clothes. I put them in the wash and never see them again".

I think it's possible steam actually came out of my ears. Brandon loses his clothes all the time.
He leaves them at friends houses, at school, in people's cars, at Basketball practice, you name it. It is a constant source of irritation for me how many of the clothes I buy him disappear. And for him to take no responsibility and blame all these lost clothes on me, made me downright irate. Granted my laundry skills are not the best, but I don't think even I can make the dryer eat a mens XL UGA Hoodie.

Well I yelled, and he wisely said nothing and walked out the door slamming it on the way out.

This is what he will find when he gets home.

Because parental grace is beyond me at this point.

Updated-The Man says this is mean and I shouldn't call our kids names, even perfectly harmless ones like twit. I think what he really means is we shouldn't put them in print to come back and haunt us at a later date. :)


Anonymous said...

you are my new hero

emmay said...

You definitely get 1 WMP for that note!! Can I get a copy for when my girls are older?

karen said...

+1 BIG POINT for "ungrateful twit"!

Sister K said...

well, there's a solution that might earn you another extra pt. if other WME's will allow....make him do his own laundry...then he knows he'll get his clothes back!

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh this has been discussed several times, but I haven't been willing to give up my washer and dryer. With the six of us I do a couple loads a day and I know I would be constantly trying to figure out what to do with his laundry so I can do my own.

Also, I hate to admit it but the boy is absolutely DISGUSTING. He would never wash his clothes and just walk around stinking like sweat from basketball all the time. (I thought this would improve when he discovered girls-but I am still waiting) I have to force him to bring his clothes up to get washed now - for the good of the general population. :)