Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting My Priorities Straight

Chris and I are doing the dailies - that is, we're playing the boys' Webkinz to get all the daily events when he happily shouts, "Snowflake!"

"Have you noticed there are fewer of them now? They used to come by every two minutes but the timing is changed - now it's every six."

He looks at me with an odd mix of horror and pride. "You didn't recognize labor either time you were in it but you've timed the Webkinz Winterfest Snowflakes?"

I look at him steadily and then cringe a little. I didn't recognize labor. Either time. Hmmm. But that was YEARS ago! Like nine of them. Old news. Webkinz Winterfest is on RIGHT NOW (Arte at Rare Item Hour, anyone?), and I'm here to tell you, those snowflakes are definitely slower than they were.

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Kids Special Needs said...

I don't know what webkinz is. I'll have to check that out.