Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was away for the weekend. I might add that I was away sans children or husband. Woot! I got back later yesterday afternoon. And I reluctantly agree to give the girls a bath. Benny says I can reconnect with them. Yeah, while I'm unpacking my bags and they're drowning. I hate giving baths which is why he normally does it. But, I tell him I will if he just gets them up and into the tub while I finish unpacking the car. I finish and head upstairs where I am greeted by Ruthie, whio is creaming because she can't get her undershirt off. Ruthie is completely capable of getting her undershirt off. She just refuses to listen to us while we try to instruct her, and instead chooses to erupt in to total fits of hysteria and a maniacal screaming. I calmly try to remind her how to get off her shirt. She just screams. I eventually take her and place he in her room, which is mere feet from the bathroom. She continues to scream and opens her door. I close her door. She opens it, screaming. I lock it. She opens it screaming. After a few round of this game, I am totally through with her screaming. I drag her downstairs, put a coat on over her undershirt and send her outside to the porch, shoeless, in the 30 degree cold. (She did have socks on.) I plop her onto the porch step and tell her she can come back in when she is done screaming. I close the door. (Oops, I forgot to turn on the porch light.) She attempts to open the front door, so I lock it. She screams. And screams. I stood right there and listenedd to her, while little Helen ployed in hate tub upstairs, unsupervised. I finally opened the door, and she stopped, came in, and didn't give me another minute of trouble all night.


karen said...

It's Freeze-Out week at WME! Stay tuned for more information in my next post.

Until then, +1 WMP for giving Ruthie the cold shoulder. :)

Kids Special Needs said...

+1 point for you for not trying to control your daughter, and just showing her what YOU will do when that behavior appears. Kudos and well done.

Ya, it's cold here too. I put my car in a ditch this morning. Then my husband put his in a ditch about an hour later. Red letter day. We and the cars are fine, so that's a huge plus.

Again, well done on the "porch" event.