Tuesday, January 8, 2008


27 Days and we haven't broken him yet! Here are some new photos to prove it. The Z-man seems to have decided life outside the womb is A-OK and we think he is pretty cool, too.

Napping with my newborn son.

Baby Z with his Pappi (my mother, Ashley's too)

Gifts from the WMEs - Thank you Ladies! Love to you all! xo

After the first bath - he looks like a contestant on Dance Fever

Best. Christmas. EVER.

Honey, look what Santa brought!!!

Baby Zane with his Granny LeB (Phil's mother)

My family.


Kicking N. Screaming said...

That child, with all that hair, is ADORABLE. However, I think Santa should get at least 1 point for abandoning a newborn baby in the home of some unsuspecting family. I think it's illegal and besides, it's really the gift that keeps on costing...

Chaotic Joy said...

Thriving seems about right. He's just beautiful. Truly one of the prettier babies I have ever seen.

karen said...

Looks like you're doing well so far! Why do you all look like you're getting so much sleep?

*pab said...

Lisa - he STILL has "all that hair" even though I keep waiting for it to fall out (as ALL the books say it will...)

Karen - sleep solution? Easy! Super Pappi Amazing! The amazing grandmother who stays with you for three weeks, and tends to both diaper duty and rocking back to sleep after the 3:00am feedings. :)

Chaotic Joy said...

"all the books say it will"

Pssst. Reading parenting books - not very WME like. We'll cut you some slack on this one though, since you are new.

*pab said...

Actually - I am the slacker in the family. Whatever knowledge I absorb from the parenting books is gained from Peegie who is reading The Baby Book (the Sears family model..you know the ones...the granola pediatricians from California...the one who has 8, count'em 8, children with his wife, the pediatric RN???) Yeah...any time we have a question or just wonder about something, Peegie says, "let's check the book." And he does. I simply ponder my newborn, figuring I'll get the hang of it somehow... :)