Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Worst Mama Haiku

Three shopping days left
Two cubs utterly giftless
One mum unravels


karen said...

knit yourself up, mum
no time for breakdown today
also, no real need

wrap baby a box
lots of bright ribbons and bows
hiding much-loved toy

give other cub time
an afternoon all alone
outing? food? Mama.

+2 WMP
one for each present-free kid
true gift is mom's love

Chaotic Joy said...

One cub is Brandon
No time with mom, he wants clothes.
Tomorrow...the mall.

With other thousands
frantic, desperate, like me
not to disappoint

And other cub Ben
Counting down days til Santa
No toys will bring tears

Tomorrow the crowds
I will fight until I drop
And then... mulled wine waits

Grandmoo said...

I taught my kids very early about "recycled" Chrismas (ask WME Karen, she lived it). Rule: The only gift you can give is one that has already been loved by someone. (I'm not sure when they figured out that rule stemmed from my being dead broke, but it appeared to work for years.)

Sister K said...

they're not giftless...they have you :)

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Santa comes tonight!
I hope your shopping is done.
Don't want scarred children.

If they're like my kids,
they have toys they've forgotten.
Just wrap some of those.