Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Administrative stuff

Thanks to Karen and VDog for putting me ahead in points for August! September's competition begins today and ends October 1st. Meanwhile, I will be strutting around wearing Cinderella's plastic tiara the Worst Mama Ever crown for August.

I know the best thing to do is to just let this thread die. I feel it's necessary to point out a couple of things, however:
  1. Lindsay isn't an infant. She's 15 months old.
  2. My car seat is installed properly.
  3. The picture I took was in the car while it was parked.
There are plenty of stories I've told here using hyperbole, and I can see why this one was reacted to while the one about perpetual vomit was not.

Anyway, it seems this example, and the previous one with an anonymous commenter brings up some issues here with what's allowed and what's not. I don't agree with deleting comments that offer different opinions, but leaving blog comments to trolls doesn't make very good reading.

What say you, blog authors?


VDog said...

The safety bandwagon was brought out because you yourself stated that you had an illegal car seat install (under 20 pounds forward facing is a no-no, you said). So that's what I was going on.

Here in CA, even IF your child is over a year, if they are still under 20 pounds, they must remain rear-facing. The language used in the law here is very clear about that, and from your comment, it seemed to be the same law there. If it's not, I apologize for getting all up in your grill.

Glad to hear your seat is installed correctly forward facing, but my point was that if it's supposed to be rear-facing, and it's not, then it's not installed correctly.

I didn't think the car was moving when you took the picture, lol. Nor did I care about the blanket. Just Lindsay's safety. :)

We'll be in the tri-state area come Christmas, so you can all whack me over the head then. Or perhaps we should schedule a sink-licking extravaganza at Grand Central?? Might be fun, and I could earn some bad mama points of my own.

As for being a troll, I had just found your site (due to the blog exchange, I think? One of you participated, perhaps?) and felt compelled to comment, since, as I said, it made me feel uncomfortable.
I'm that person who won't pull out until everyone is buckled up. Shoot me now for my annoyingness. Heh.

Joy, of course said...

I was worried this would happen eventually.

I understand your concern vdog and know that it was well intentioned. I think your point has been well made and it is now up to Epiphany to decide what to do. So maybe we can let this go.

As for administrative stuff, you don't have to delete snarky comments but because of my personal moral/religious beliefs I cannot be a contributor on a blog that has excessive profanity. That has hever been an issue on here before but it may be if we get some trolls. I would ask that you remove any posts with that type content.

Also, my dear friend Chrissy has mentioned that she might be able to school us all in worst.mama.everness. I think this challenge may warrant an invite to be a contributor. Her blog is www.talesfromthecarpoollane.blogspot.com if you want to check her out. She is quite funny.

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous posts should be allowed. Trolls have feelings too.

VDog said...

Joy -- agreed. Let gone.

Perhaps my last comment was a bit redundant, no? Nothing like beating a dead horse.

Feel free to Mommy-Drive-by me and make fun of my toothless baby who can't even sit up yet.

karen said...

No making fun of babies who can't do this or that yet! Everyone hits the milestones at different times; it's not as if the kid is aware of his prowess (or lack thereof). Making fun of Mamas, though, we excel in THAT. :)