Friday, September 14, 2007

Perhaps we need a border collie

Among a slew of developmental milestones Sarah is reaching these days, one of them is her new desire to walk more than she is carried. She wants very much for us to hold her if we are trying to do something that precludes holding 19 pounds of sweetness (like cooking, showering, working, going to the bathroom...well you get the idea) but if we're on the move, she wants to walk.

It's a somewhat annoying because she walks a bit like a wind-up toy, constantly going off course and running into walls and sometimes just petering out completely and standing stock still in the middle of our path. The other day I was letting her wander a around in the main entry of daycare while I talked with the director. I swear we exchanged no more than 3 sentences when a complete stranger came up to me holding Sarah. "I believe this is yours?" she said, kindly, passing her over to me. Apparently Sarah had made it through the doors to the parking lot and this other mama found her literally playing in traffic. Oh well, it takes a village. For some of us, it really takes the entire village.


The Plaid Sheep said...

Oh I think that is so worth a point.
Maybe one of those baby leashes? Though the collie would get you more points since they often direct by giving little nips on the legs.

karen said...

A big ol' WMP for you! And my thanks, for sending your kid out to play with mine. I recommend a golden retriever - they're more nanny-like than border collies and, since they're larger, can lift and carry bigger kids.