Friday, September 28, 2007

More on Zero Nutrition Thursday

So yesterday, in honor of Zero Nutrition Thursday or poor planning, I left my children in the hands of my husband at 5:15 pm with no supper, even though I knew they had cub scouts at 6:30. I had to leave to go to Boston. I was supposed to be meeting friends at 5 pm. The Gingerbread Man asks me what to give them for supper. All I can say is, "There's raw bacon in the fridge. Cook that or give them cold cereal."

The bacon is still in the fridge. Raw.


Chaotic Joy said...

Coincidentally enough, Shane and I were just talking this evening about how when we were growing up we would often eat cereal for dinner. And how our children are very spoiled to never have experienced this. And how they should. This conversation was brought on by Brandon complaining that we were going out to Mexican again instead of some other restaurant. Pampered little twit! So see, you are making your children less spoiled which is a good thing.

Plus I love eating cereal for dinner.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh and it WAS ZNT so you were just following the rules after all.